Summer 2018

WOW. If you read our last post you might have some idea of why its taken almost a YEAR to write again. For those of you just tuning in, we had a baby! She came way early last November. She's doing great. It's been a wild ride. 

Many major changes have happened on the family farming front as well. For the past 5 farming seasons we've traveled and lived all over the place - taking "lessons from the field" wherever we could. We've taken inspiration and some hard learned truths from Andean mountain-scapes to urban greenhouses to workdays in the thickest Wisconsin heat you could ever imagine. After our adventures we finally found our "place" in this beautiful valley. We knew we would be here for life. We spent the last 2 years working on land that belonged to our family, and realized through time, this hard work is easier when it is on land that is completely your own. Regenerative agriculture, especially in the crazy ways we’ve decided to implement it, doesn’t always make the most sense to everyone we work with and that’s ok. Different strokes for different folks am I right??

When you have a brand new tiny person in the home it kind of forces you to slow down. I found myself more often than not glued to a chair sitting painfully still in hopes of not waking the little one in my arms. This set aside much time for both of us to do a lot of reflecting and reassessing goals and boundaries. In April of this year, just as the farming season was starting back up, new baby and all (yikes), we decided to make a move to some land we could truly call our own. It has been a difficult transition year in more ways than one, but with this 2018 season under our belt now its safe to say we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

We now sit right at the mouth of beautiful Weber Canyon, on the opposite side of town where we were previously. We are managing 360 acres at the base of Menefee Mountain. This year we have successfully:

  1. introduced a Pastured Protein CSA that continues to grow

  2. grew grass on unfamiliar land despite this year being the most severe drought level possible on the U.S. Drought Monitor

  3. kept the farm fully functioning while planning and executing a big wedding on site (details of our wedding to follow ;))

These things, along with learning how to be parents, have us feeling pretty good about where we’re at. Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without some serious help and support of our closest loved ones - namely John, Elaine, Hanh, Alan, Tim, Amy, Petra, Clay, Joe, Kelly, David… I could go on and on!! We love you guys!

Please enjoy this slideshow of everything I’ve got from this past season that went unshared. :)

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