Our Practices

Everything we do on our farm is taken from lessons we have learned from nature. When we look at nature we see nothing is forced - everything happens effortlessly. The basis of this harmonious system is the soil. Without healthy soil, there is no life. This is why on our farm we see ourselves primarily as a soil building enterprise. Healthy soils = healthy animals. Healthy Animals = Healthy people.  We raise our animals in their most natural, stress free state. This means minimizing our inputs to sun, water, grass, and animal movement. 

The healthiest soils in the world are built by large groups of tightly packed animals grazing over a landscape, and not returning until the grass has had time to recover. Rotating the animals in this way mimics the ancient herds of herbivores moving across the plainsโ€”a process which sustained our human ancestors for millennia with all their nutritional needs. 

Why "Beyond Organic?"

Our farm is what we like to call Beyond Organic. This means we go far beyond the standards of a USDA Organic Certification. We never spray chemicals. We never use antibiotics, growth hormones, de-wormers or vaccines on our animals. Apart from these decisions being based on our principles, our animals simply do not need them. We believe in radical transparency when it comes to how we raise our animals. That's why we keep up on providing pictures of our happy animals on grass, and welcome our customers to the farm anytime to see their quality of life for themselves. We believe this goes beyond any "certification" you can buy. 

We want to build herds and flocks that can survive on our land without any inputs other than what nature provides. We observe the animals which perform best under natural conditions, and preserve their genetics by selecting them as our breeding stock. This is how we build the genetic diversity to withstand the ebbs and flows of natural cycles, creating a resilient system to last for generations to come!

Animal Processing 

We send our animals to Sunnyside Meats in Durango, CO for processing. The USDA inspected facility is Animal Welfare approved. This means the facility is designed with special features to limit animal stress. All the staff receives comprehensive training to ensure the safety and comfort of the livestock they handle.

In case independent certification were not enough, we personally inspect each part of the process to insure that the animals we care for so much are treated with dignity on their one bad day. We believe we owe it to ourselves, our animals and our customers to witness and approve of the process from start to finish.