Who We Are 



Sacred Song Farm is managed by Scott, Margaret, River and Bill. But mostly Scott and Margaret. :) They are both first generation farmers from St. Louis, Missouri. Their farming journey began in the city of Denver during their undergrad studies at Regis University. Both graduated with multiple degrees in the liberal arts where they critically examined culture, environmental issues, social class, race and ethnic relations, the criminal justice system, ethics, philosophy and their roles in their surrounding communities. It occurred to them that a common thread existed between many of these concepts and everything and everyone else: food. They realized that the same simple practices could heal bodies, improve education standards, strengthen communities, revitalize local economies, and heal the planet.

After internships, permaculture studies, greenhouse jobs, goat herding in Peru, starting an urban farm, and grazing cattle in a Wisconsin food forest, the two ultimately concluded they could create the biggest positive environmental, communal, and personal quality of life impact by creating organic matter in soils through mindfully grazing hoofed animals in a place they love to live.

 "I am driven by a deep love for people, animals, and the land. I see growing the healthiest possible food, in a low stress environment while regenerating soils as my greatest possible gift to my family and my community." -SH